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Gallery - 'Celebrate the whanau!'

Celebrate the whanau!

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Learn how Sonya Rimene helped organise a Pink Ribbon Breakfast to celebrate life.

She and about 20 workmates organised a Pink Ribbon Breakfast at a local café, which subsidised the event. Everyone dressed in pink and the tables had a pink theme. Their original motivation was to support whānau, but by coincidence, the event hit closer to home than anyone anticipated.

Sonya was diagnosed with breast cancer just before the event, making it all the more relevant. “The best thing about the Pink Ribbon Breakfast was the chance to catch up and celebrate the living – and the opportunity to provide information about breast awareness,” says Sonya.

“Everyone loved the kaupapa and had their own stories to tell.”

Sonya has now finished her treatment and is feeling great.

Sonya’s Top Tip:
Simple – have fun!
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