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Get creative and competitive!

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Kiwibank have really got behind Pink Ribbon Breakfast with initiatives such as bake – offs and silent auctions, as well as staff modelling!

Healthy competition between departments and offices across Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and Hastings have ramped up the donation dollars while contributing to a great workplace atmosphere. Over the past three years, Kiwibank has embraced Breast Cancer Foundation NZ as its charity of choice and staff have donated a massive total to BCFNZ. A Pink Ribbon Fashion Show featuring staff as models has taken centre stage the past three years. Last year they took things digital and ran the show via Facebook giving staff the ability to vote for their favourite model.

Other successful income streams have included bake sales, bake-off competitions, bacon buttie breakkies, silent auctions and raffles. One team even received gold coin donations in exchange for hugs!

A Pink Ribbon Committee at Kiwibank has been the driving force behind Kiwibank’s efforts the past few years and Office & Facilities Manager Mailena Rawiri says, “Kiwibank already has an amazing culture and this contributes to it. It gives us common purpose – people are willing to go the extra mile for this cause because everyone knows someone who has had experience with breast cancer.”

Kiwibank's Top Tip:
"We've done bake sales, bake-off competitions, bacon buttie brekkies, silent auctions and raffles. A fashion show featuring staff as models has really taken centre stage over the years. Teams get behind their model and bid money to have them strut their stuff. In the past, bidding wars have broken out between departments to win their model the title of the “highest paid model” which has helped add to the coffers (and workplace culture!)"
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