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Your donation will help improve quality of life for women with advanced breast cancer.

Your donation today will help fund the ABCpro programme, an innovative digital and telehealth approach to improving the symptoms of women living with advanced breast cancer. The vision is that more hospitals across New Zealand will be able to offer this programme and assist the 1,500 women with terminal advanced breast cancer.

Your donation will support ABCpro a life changing innovatice service to support women with breast cancer.

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Karen never expected to be diagnosed with terminal breast cancer at 41.

“Being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer changed my perspective on life. I kept asking myself, what brings me joy? And for me, it’s people. Creating memories with friends and family keeps you alive, even though you’re not here anymore.”

“The irony is, I’ve never wanted to live so much as I do now.”

- Karen, 41, living with advanced breast cancer

A kind donation of $30 will help us expand a pilot programme called ABCpro to improve the care, support and quality of life for women like Karen.