Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Christmas Appeal

Help keep our essential advice line open this Christmas

My name is Tash. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last age 23.

I faced months of gruelling treatment including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. It was only thanks to the support I received that I was able to get through.

The Breast Cancer Foundation’s vital advice line is run by specialist breast care nurses. They provide essential one-on-one support, information, advice and relief to Kiwis affected by breast cancer.

COVID-19 has placed extra strain on breast cancer patients like me, and it’s caused the Foundation’s fundraising income to take a huge hit.

We urgently need your help to keep the essential advice line running and staffed this Christmas.

Please help other Kiwis - just like me - going through breast cancer get the support they urgently need this Christmas.

I needed someone to give me advice and help me through it. If I didn’t have this necessary support, I don’t know how I would have coped. That’s why the Foundation’s advice line is so vital.

Christmas is the advice line’s busiest time. Together we can join forces and keep the advice line running to provide vital support for everyone who needs it. Please donate today and give the gift of support this Christmas.