Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Donate to save lives this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Donate to save lives

Time with your whānau is precious. Don’t let breast cancer cut it short.

Mammograms save lives

Every year, 3,300 women and 25 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. 650 will die.

That’s 650 Kiwis missing out on time with their friends, whānau, and loved ones.

But early detection is your best protection - breast cancer is most treatable when it's found early. In fact, women have a 92% chance of surviving breast cancer ten years or longer if the cancer is detected by a mammogram.

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ has supported regular screening from the beginning. The Foundation was established 25 years ago to ensure eligible women had access to free and regular screening. Since then, we’ve worked hard through community outreach, ongoing education, and free advice to increase the number of women who are getting regular mammograms.

We need your support now to continue this vital work.

Time with your whānau is precious. Don't let breast cancer cut it short.

Donate now


Last year we gave out more than 500,000 printed educational resources, to GP clinics, Breast Screen Aotearoa, and at events throughout the country . A $15 donation will contribute to the writing, publishing, and distribution of breast health information so that it can be shared for free, to encourage all eligible women to sign up for screening.


Our specialist nurses work tirelessly to provide expert advice through our 0800 phone line. This free service means that anyone can call with questions about breast health, mammograms, concerning symptoms, treatments, or anything else that's worrying them. A $25 donation will support this service to ensure our nurses are there to help when needed.


Each year our breast health nurses travel the country in our iconic Pink Caravan "Pinkie", to talk about mammograms, breast health, healthy lifestyles, and family risk. They visit our country’s smaller towns – places that don’t have access to the same variety of health services that the bigger cities have. A $55 donation will help keep Pinkie on the road!