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17 Nov 2017

Can Tai Chi help manage breast cancer treatment side effects?

Dr Lizhou Liu, prominent researcher at the University of Otago and recipient of our own Belinda Scott Fellowship, is exploring this idea through her study, ANITA. …Read more
17 Nov 2017

Christmas carols do cancer patients a world of good

Jazz legend, Ella Fitzgerald, once said “The only thing better than singing is more singing.” For cancer patients, this could be just what the doctor ordered. …Read more
15 Nov 2017

The best way to prepare for reconstructive surgery

The choice to have, or to not have, breast reconstruction is a very personal one. If you do decide to have surgery, there are a couple of bits and pieces you can do (or ask others to do for you – recommended!) to make your surgery, and recovery time, as stress-free as possible. …Read more
09 Nov 2017

Sealed Section: sex after breast cancer

Sex therapist Edit Horvath, endocrinologist Dr Stella Milsom and breast cancer survivor Rose Wharepapa answered your most pressing questions about sex and intimacy after breast cancer in a recent webinar. …Read more
27 Oct 2017

Negative body image a barrier to recovery after breast cancer

A Canadian study has found that breast cancer survivors who feel ashamed of their “new normal” body are less likely to get enough exercise – a major risk factor in breast cancer returning, or developing in the first place. …Read more
20 Oct 2017

Te Aroha shares her cancer diary (Part 3)

Te Aroha Isaia, aged 24, was diagnosed with grade three inflammatory HER2+ breast cancer in December 2016. This is part 3 of her story. …Read more
29 Sep 2017

13 ways to get involved this October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is almost here and there's a lot on! We've put together a guide to help you make the most difference, this October. …Read more
27 Sep 2017

5 things you need to know about radiation therapy

Most people have an idea about what chemotherapy is, but radiation can prove a bit more mysterious. …Read more
22 Sep 2017

How to prepare for your first chemo cycle (& losing your hair)

When you first thought about breast cancer, chemo and losing your hair may have been what came to mind. …Read more
06 Sep 2017

Te Aroha shares her cancer diary (Part 2)

Te Aroha Isaia, aged 24, was diagnosed with grade three inflammatory HER2+ breast cancer in December 2016. This is part 2 of her story. …Read more
30 Aug 2017

How to prepare for your breast cancer treatment

Your breast cancer experience will be unique to you. But you don’t have to face it alone. We’ve talked to breast cancer nurses, patients who have gone through similar things to what you’re about to go through, and our wider medical professional community for some insight into those little things that make a big difference. …Read more
11 Aug 2017

Revealed: your best weapon against the return of breast cancer

Stopping breast cancer returning (and spreading) could save your life. Earlier this year, a research team at the Odette Cancer Center in Toronto, Canada, discovered that the key may have been hiding in plain sight. …Read more