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04 Jul 2018

Our Dancing Queen: Shavaughn Ruakere

The 2018 series of Dancing with the Stars NZ saw Shavaughn Ruakere dance for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ as her chosen charity.
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03 Jul 2018

The Future of Breast Cancer Treatment: Personalised Medicine

How amazing would it be if your breast cancer treatment was tailored to you? It’s actually already started - from genetic screening to immunotherapy. The field of personalised medicine is growing and it’s very promising.
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25 Jun 2018

Action needed on Maori and PI breast cancer vulnerabilities

A large NZ study has confirmed the need for immediate action to improve survival for Maori and Pacific Island people with breast cancer, and the importance of mammograms in finding cancer early
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09 Jun 2018

Here’s the evidence – time to play fair, Breast Cancer Foundation tells Pharmac

In light of new clinical trial results, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is urging Pharmac to consider giving life-extending drug Perjeta to patients who’ve been missing out due to an earlier decision that the Foundation labelled unfair.
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Join us in Spain for our 2019 Pink Ribbon El Camino Trek

Join Breast Cancer Foundation NZ for the Pink Ribbon Trek El Camino 2019 to help make zero deaths from breast cancer a reality.
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10 May 2018

Access to 3D mammography for patients in Palmerston North

Now women in the central North Island will have access to sophisticated breast imaging thanks to your generous donations.
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10 May 2018

Bump or lump? Be breast aware this sport season

Bumps and bruises are part of the game, but beware: your injury could be hiding something more serious.
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09 May 2018

South Auckland patients & staff delighted with new breast biopsy chair

A new $18,000 chair that helps correctly position women of all shapes and sizes during breast biopsies is receiving rave reviews.
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04 May 2018

Immunotherapy’s exciting role in Breast Cancer

Our immune system plays an important role in how our body deals with cancer. Hopefully, this can be manipulated for the future treatment and prevention of breast cancer.
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24 Apr 2018

“Get involved for a great cause!” Nadia encourages Kiwis to sign up for Pink Ribbon Breakfast

“Get involved for a great cause!” Nadia encourages Kiwis to sign up for Pink Ribbon Breakfast this May.
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06 Apr 2018

New fellowships seek to shed more light on breast cancer risk and new medicines

A young researcher at the University of Auckland, Dr Barbara Lipert, hopes to learn why breast cancers develop resistance to a new drug, while in Otago, Dr Vanessa Lattimore is using cutting-edge genetic information to clarify the risk of breast cancer faced by Kiwi families.
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08 Feb 2018

Hypnotism a hit at Public Education Day

At the end of last year, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ hosted a free public education day themed ‘From Research to Reality’.
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