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  • Ministry of Health Sector Services, Wigs and Hairpieces

    The Wigs and Hairpieces Service Payment is a payment to people who suffer from serious hair loss because of a medical condition or from certain cancer therapies. The payments are to reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining a wig or hairpiece or other related products. Sector Services on behalf of the Ministry of Health will pay these service payments to either the claimant or the supplier of the product.

    You may claim for this service payment if you: are a New Zealand citizen, or are ordinarily resident in New Zealand; and have a medical condition that has caused you to lose your hair (like treatment for cancer, alopecia or other scalp conditions that cause hair loss).

    Your specialist or general practitioner (GP) needs to give you a current medical certificate with your NHI number, details of the hair loss condition and whether it is permanent or temporary.

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