Cancer rehab


Cancer rehab

Rebuilding your strength during and after cancer treatment

Certain forms of exercise can help you regain strength and mobility after breast cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. BCFNZ provides funding to assist you to take part in exercise rehabilitation programmes during and after your treatment.

For women, we provide funding for PINC (formerly known as Pink Pilates), a programme tailored to an individual's needs during treatment, and Next Steps, a ten week block of group-based exercise sessions. Men may attend STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation.

When you feel ready to exercise, your specialist gives you the OK, and you qualify for funding, you can begin to get involved in these fun and valuable programmes.

During treatment: PINC Cancer Rehabilitation – 4 individual sessions with a physio

BCFNZ provides funding for women to attend four individual sessions with a physiotherapist (conditions apply - find out if you qualify).

PINC Cancer Rehab is suited to people who are recovering from surgery and going through treatment. You will be taken through the programmes by certified Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapists. They will first assess you for physical impairments and other treatment effects, and then will work with you to create a rehabilitation programme suited to your stage in recovery.

The programme caters for all ages, levels of fitness and mobility and aims to:

  • Optimise physical and functional recovery
  • Ease pain and muscular tension
  • Regain strength and mobility
  • Increase energy levels and improve breathing
  • Strengthen core muscles and improve posture
  • Improve physical functioning and maintain independence
  • Reclaim body confidence and control
  • Reduce treatment-related side effects
  • Shift focus from illness to wellness

Women who have had risk-reducing surgery for high risk breast cancer gene mutations may also apply for funding.

To find out more about the programmes, and to find the location of your nearest PINC or STEEL physiotherapist visit the PINC and STEEL website.

"I am so grateful to be on the receiving end of such a gift. I enjoyed these 10 sessions so much, for many different reasons."

After treatment: PINC Next Steps - ten free classes

PINC Next Steps is a group exercise programme for women who have finished their main treatments. The programme runs for one hour per week over ten weeks and is available around NZ.

Delivered by certified PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapists, each class combines the very best pilates, yoga and cardio exercises to improve your health and fitness. Gentle take home exercises and stretches are included with the programme.

Download the Next Steps flyer.

The programme aims to:

  • Improve strength and mobility
  • Increase energy levels
  • Strengthen core muscles and improve posture
  • Reclaim body confidence and control
  • Reduce treatment-related side effects
  • Improve stamina and fitness
  • Improve breathing and reduce stress
  • Help you integrate regular exercise into your life
  • Allow you to laugh, relax and have fun
  • Connect with other women on a similar journey to you

Classes are currently available in: Orewa, Albany, Mt Eden, Hamilton, Mount Maunganui, Rotorua, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Timaru, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill.

Find out more at PINC Next Steps including how to enrol and where classes are in your area. When you register your interest, you'll receive information about the availability of BCFNZ funding.

Funding - find out if you qualify

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ will provide subsidised funding (valued at $260) for four sessions of the PINC Cancer Rehabilitation programme (formerly Pink Pilates). To be eligible, you must be undergoing, or have recently completed, treatment for breast cancer. This offer is targeted at people who would benefit from the programme but are unable to do so without financial support.

Preference is given to women who have had breast cancer surgery in the last 2 years, with a household income of less than $100,000 and dependent children under the age of 18 years.Women who have had physical complications following surgery are also encouraged to apply.

This eligibility criteria is to ensure that funds donated to the Foundation are targeted to those most in need of assistance.

Please note that that the PINC physiotherapist will charge extra per session.

We'll advise you of your application outcome as soon as possible. To find out more about the benefits of the programme, visit the PINC website.

BCFNZ also funds places on NEXT STEPS, group based exercise classes run by trained physiotherapists for those who have completed treatment for breast cancer. Visit the PINC Next Steps website to find out more.