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Pink For a Day

Go Pink for a Day this October

Pink For a Day is an opportunity for organisations to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by turning pink any day in October. Every year over 500 organisations register to take part!

But it isn't just pink cupcakes and rainbows.

Pink For a Day is about creating a platform that allows corporations to spark staff engagement and to make a difference on social issues. Organisations that go pink step up to the challenge of accepting corporate social responsibility and go the extra step to build meaningful ties with their local communities.

Taking action against breast cancer is easy. Setting up an online fundraising page is simple, fast and gives you the opportunity to ask for support from all your colleagues, friends and family, wherever they are! Set up a fundraising page now and save lives.

Download our Top Ten Fundraising Tips to help you get started!

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#BossGoesPINK for Pink For a Day

Pink for a Day is also an opportunity for bosses to take on a challenge from their staff – and for their staff to find out how much pink the boss is made of!

Challenge your boss to 'make a boob' of her or himself once a fundraising target is reached. It could be as simple as turning yourself into a human post-it, or going for a jog around the block in full pink regalia.

The more outlandish the challenge, the more your colleagues will donate to see the boss goes pink in the face.


Sir Peter Leitch #BossGoesPINK

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