Breast Cancer Foundation NZ
Breast Cancer Foundation NZ
Our vision:

Zero deaths from breast cancer

How we can achieve that vision: Pushing for new frontiers in early detection, treatment and support.

Checked your breasts lately?

We'll show you how. Checking your breasts is easy as TLC. 'Know your normal', so you can find any changes in your breasts as soon as they appear.

  1. Touch
    Touch both breasts. You’re feeling for any lumps or thickening of the tissue, even up into the armpits.
  2. Touch
    Look in front of a mirror. Can you see any physical changes to the breast shape, skin or nipples?
  3. Touch
    Check any breast changes with your doctor. Even if you’ve had a mammogram recently.
  • Today 8 women

    will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • This year 600+

    will most likely die.
  • Yet 30%

    of eligible women aren't enrolled in free screening.
  • And 37%

    of young women check their breasts just once a year or less.

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