Factors that don't cause breast cancer

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Factors that don't cause breast cancer

Trauma to the breast

Many people believe that a blow or an injury to the breast can cause breast cancer, but this isn’t true. However, sometimes people will discover a lump because the discomfort from the injury causes them to check their breast.

Underwire bras

No evidence exists to suggest that underwire bras cause cancer.

Mobile phones

There's no evidence which suggests that carrying a mobile phone in your bra can cause breast cancer.

Breast implants

There is no evidence to link saline or silicone breast implants with an increased risk of breast cancer. The implants may make it slightly more difficult to see all of the breast tissue on a mammogram, but implant displacement techniques are used by radiographers to remedy this.

Textured silicone plants are associated with a small risk of a very rare cancer of the immune system called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), however further research is needed to understand this relationship. Read our blog post on ALCL.


There is no evidence to suggest that any type of deodorant or antiperspirant can cause breast cancer.


The scientific evidence does not support a link between breast cancer and abortion. Some case-control studies have suggested a link, but these studies rely on self-reporting of abortion and are prone to bias. Prospective cohort studies have not shown any causative link.

Other factors

There is also no evidence to suggest that hair dyes, cell phone use or electromagnetic fields from wires and electronic devices cause breast cancer.