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Awareness & education

Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in NZ, with 9 women diagnosed every day.

Because of this, we believe that raising awareness of breast cancer issues and educating all women about breast health is vitally important.

Visit the Pink Caravan

Our breast health nurses are travelling round New Zealand in our iconic Pink Caravan, to talk about mammograms, checking your breasts, healthy lifestyles and family risk.

Education Programme

Our education programme aims to promote mammograms, increase breast health awareness, reach out to at risk communities and increase knowledge of support/resources available through the foundation. Our National Educators are available for presentations.

Awareness Campaigns

Our awareness campaigns are aimed at educating women on the importance of early detection, the signs of breast cancer, the importance of getting any unusual changes checked out and having regular mammograms from age 40.

Help fund our vital work

We're a not-for-profit charity so it's your generosity that keeps our education and support programmes going. Your donation can make a difference.