Breast changes

Breast awareness

Benign breast conditions

Most breast changes aren't cancerous. Even so, it's important to show your doctor any unusual changes.

Changes occur naturally in the breast during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, breastfeeding and ageing.

Many people who see their GP about a breast change may have one of these benign (not cancerous) conditions. It's important to show any changes to your doctor, to rule out breast cancer.

Breast pain

Most women experience breast pain or tenderness at some time in their lives. There can be a number of causes and solutions.

Things seen on mammograms

A number of changes in breast tissue may be picked up on your mammogram. These may require further investigation.

Breast lumps

Nine out of ten lumps are not cancer.  There are a few causes of benign lumps and thickened tissue. 

Things that look different to your normal

You may notice changes to the shape, size or texture of your breast or nipples. A number of conditions may cause these changes.