Research grant programme

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Research grant programme

We fund New Zealand-based research projects to improve outcomes for breast cancer patients.

The Foundation’s Research Grant Programme was established in September 2001 and is dedicated solely to NZ-based research projects (which can include the NZ arm of an international study). Research projects from some of NZ’s best clinicians and researchers have been boosted by substantial grants from the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

Grant applications may be reviewed by the Foundation’s Medical Advisory Committee (comprising clinicians from across the spectrum of breast cancer disciplines), or in partnership with other funders such as the Health Research Council, or by an independent review panel. The criteria for evaluating applications include an assessment of scientific merit, feasibility, originality, significance and ability to achieve the project’s objectives.


NOW OPEN: Innovation and Technology in Breast Cancer 2018 - Applications close February 9, 2018 (NEW CLOSING DATE)

BCFNZ funds research in areas aligned to our mission – Pushing for new frontiers in early detection, treatment and support – in pursuit of our long-term, aspirational vision of Zero deaths from breast cancer.

We believe advances will come from harnessing technologies, not only in traditional cancer disciplines of radiology, pathology, surgery and oncology, but in wider fields such as bioengineering, immunology, genetics, chemistry, informatics, automation, mathematics and human interface technology.

Areas of interest include:

  • Detection and Diagnosis (including new detection and diagnostic modalities, imaging technologies, liquid biopsies, imaging-based biomarkers)
  • Development or trial of innovative and/or targeted treatments (including surgical advances - e.g. robotics, intraoperative imaging to determine tumour margins), genomic assays, gene editing, innovations in radiotherapy, immunotherapies, computer modelling to predict therapy effects, artificial intelligence in treatment guidelines and decision-making, new drug delivery technologies, bioengineering / synthetic biology; 3D technologies, implantables)
  • Extending survival for metastatic breast cancer patients (incl. new approaches to surveillance for recurrence, treatment of oligometastases, immunotherapies, computer modelling to predict therapy effects, genomic assays)
  • Improving clinical practice and supportive care for better patient outcomes (incl. new approaches to symptom management; implantables; wearables; e-engagement; virtual/augmented reality; testing of clinical hypotheses based on biomedical informatics

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​Past Funding

CLOSED: Collaborate and Innovate in Breast Cancer 2017: collaborative research with clear clinical potential (including clinical trials) in the following areas: early detection, new and improved targeted therapies, extending survival for metastatic breast cancer patients and improving clinical practice for better patient outcomes.

CLOSED: Innovation and Impact in Breast Cancer 2016: breast cancer prevention, prevention of metastasis, improving clinical practice for better patient outcomes, genomic testing, treatments for advanced breast cancer and benchmarking/best practice.