Fertility and advanced breast cancer

Breast cancer

Sexuality and intimacy

Intimacy after a diagnosis of ABC

Intimacy may be more difficult following a diagnosis of ABC as a result of reduced sexual and body confidence, tiredness, lowered libido, the side effects of treatment as well as grief and anxiety. All of these are valid reasons and it is important to address them. 

Navigating sexuality and intimacy

It can be difficult to broach the topic of sexuality and intimacy with your partner or potentially with a new partner if you are currently not in a relationship, so it is a good idea to talk to your doctor or nurse as they can discuss options that might help.

Your doctor or nurse can recommend vaginal lubricants to help with vaginal dryness and irritation which can be a side effect of some hormone therapies, as well other treatments for achy muscles and joints.

A counsellor can also discuss any concerns you or your partner may have and help you to navigate these sensitive topics.