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Breast cancer inSIGhts Conference, Auckland, April 7-9 2022

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and the Breast SIG are teaming up to bring you the second Breast cancer inSIGhts conference, featuring top international and local speakers.

Registration info, programme and full speaker information will be sent out soon.

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Online learning tool

Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand is pleased to provide an online learning tool designed to meet the Continuing Medical Education standards for GPs, practice nurse and medical professionals.  Programme Stage 2 (GPEP2) and Maintenance of Professional Standards.

Access the online learning tool via

Four breast cancer modules to update your skills:

Module 1: Managing Breast Signs and Symptoms - A Guide for Primary Healthcare Professionals

Learn how to apply practical advice for the management of breast lumps, breast skin and nipple changes, nipple discharge and breast pain.

Access the module at

Module 2: Familial Breast Cancer in the Primary Care Setting

Refresh your knowledge of genetics concepts and further information regarding inherited gene mutations which are associated with an increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Access the modules at

Module 3: Treatment for Breast Cancer and Managing Complications

Explore the most common treatment modalities currently available for breast cancer (both surgical and medical) and enhance the service you can provide to your breast cancer patients.

Access the modules at

Module 4: Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC) Clinical Management and Support

This course will help you gain confidence in detecting the signs and symptoms of local recurrence and metastatic breast disease. You will become familiar with the commons sites of breast cancer metastases and their presentation, as well as the clinical management and supportive care of patients with metastatic/advanced breast cancer

Access the modules at

Course guide

You can also download the course guide - this has instructions to help you access the course, register, and get started:

Managing breast signs and symptoms – course guide