Anxiety around repeat imaging scans

Breast cancer


What is scanxiety?

For some women there is also a lot of anxiety and stress around the time of repeat imaging scans following treatments. This is often referred to as “scanxiety”. 

Dealing with scanxiety

It can be a good idea to share these fears with someone you trust and talk them through. Sometimes a casual chat with someone else sitting in the waiting room can provide distraction and light relief. 

Some people find that meditation or mindfulness sessions while waiting for a scan or even during the scan itself can really help. 

Others will have a magazine, a good book, or a podcast downloaded to distract them. It is worth exploring what may work for you before the day of the scan.

It is also a good idea to let the staff at the department know that you are feeling anxious as they can take a little more time with you and explain things again if needed.