A gift in your will

A gift in your Will


​We believe that one day, no one will die of breast cancer

Today, nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Families will lose grandmothers and mothers, sisters and daughters.

Our mission is to push for new frontiers in early detection, treatment and support to make zero deaths from breast cancer a reality.

You can help by leaving a gift in your Will (a bequest) to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

It’s simple to do, and any gift, big or small, will make a difference.

Leaving a gift in your Will to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ will help us to:

  • Grow awareness around the importance of detecting and treating breast cancer early;
  • Provide the best possible care to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer;
  • Fund vital breast cancer research, well into the future.

People like you make our work possible.

The people who leave a gift in their Will to us are ordinary, hardworking people who want to make a positive difference to their community after they're gone. The good news is that including Breast Cancer Foundation NZ in your Will is just as easy as providing for your loved ones. And it can be as much or as little as you want.

For more information, view our Bequests Leaflet