Connecting with others when you have advanced breast cancer

Breast cancer

Connecting with others who have advanced breast cancer

Share your experiences

Share your experiences

Peer support is a good way of meeting and connecting with people who are going through similar experiences. It can be a great way to talk about issues important to you with someone you feel will understand, can provide different tips and strategies as well as being a source of comfort and solace.

Forms of peer support

Peer support can come in many forms, such as online, or in person, group and one on one sessions. Each type of support has its own benefits and will suit different people at different times. Explore what is available in your area and see what would be of benefit for you.

"Making those real connections with others who are in a similar situation is beneficial, just to have people out there who understand and listen to you and you listen to them.”
Huia Whitinui

National services

Here are some of the peer support resources available, but remember to ask your breast care nurse if they are aware of smaller local groups.

Sweet Louise

Sweet Louise is a charity that provides support from an emotional and practical perspective for women and men diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. They hold regular meetings and provide hospital and home visits. They also connect you to services that will be helpful to maintaining your health and wellbeing and your home.

Metavivors NZ

This is a closed Facebook group for women with advanced breast cancer to connect and access support.

Breast Cancer Support Inc

This group offers community based support, either face-to-face or on the phone to women all over NZ.


MyBC is an online community on a private Facebook group where members connect and share their experiences of diagnosis and treatments. There are numerous resources available and support from specialist nursing staff.

Cancer Society NZ

Cancer Society NZ can provide practical help, connect you to others and help you get to hospital appointments or provide accommodation if you have to travel long distances to hospital. They provide information and support over the phone and through home visits with qualified nurses. They also provide funding for counselling.

The Gift of Knowledge

The Gift of Knowledge provides support for women and men diagnosed with a hereditary breast or ovarian cancer. They provide information and support of testing and treatment, plus a way to connect to others with the same diagnosis.

Shocking Pink

Shocking Pink was specifically created to support and connect younger women with breast cancer.