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Nurse / Clinical Trial Coordinator/ Mammography Grant


BCFNZ is proud to be able to support students, breast cancer nurses, other medical professionals working in breast cancer, and clinical trial coordinators to improve their capacity to make a difference for breast cancer patients.


BCFNZ welcomes applications for grant funding that clearly fosters medical education and/or training and development of New Zealand breast cancer nurse specialists and clinical trial coordinators. Applicants must be involved in the prevention, detection, diagnosis or management of breast cancer in New Zealand.

This may include:

  • Presenting a paper at, or attending, a breast health and/or breast cancer conference, workshop, meeting, study day or seminar
  • Undertaking a course of postgraduate study which has the potential to upgrade their current health qualification
  • Undertaking a formal course of instruction which is related to breast health and/or breast cancer
  • Undertaking a short-term visit to a centre of excellence associated with new and important developments in the broad field of breast cancer

To apply head to our grants website, create a login and apply for a Nurse/Clinical Trial Coordinator Grant.

To enquire about availability of this grant, please email

Mammography and Radiation Therapy

In 2004, so as to foster the growth of the breast cancer medical workforce in New Zealand, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ launched a scholarship programme for Postgraduate Medical Imaging Technologists (Mammography) and Undergraduate Radiation Therapists. The Foundation has continued to grow the scholarship programme to further support Radiation Therapists and Medical Imaging Technologists' academic and clinical training within the field of breast cancer in New Zealand.


We offer two scholarships for students commencing study towards, and attaining, a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences in Mammography at the University of Auckland. The funding available for a BCFNZ Scholarship recipient is $3000 +GST. Any remaining course costs must be arranged by the individual or employer.

Fill in the form here and email to

​Radiation Therapy

In the past we have offered scholarships for students commencing study in the University of Otago’s Bachelor of Radiation Therapy (Honours) Programme.

To enquire about availability of this grant, please email or phone 0800 902 732.