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22 Aug 2019

Patients pulling together for change

People with advanced breast cancer who speak publicly about their desperate plights are heroes.
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04 Aug 2019

Do the latest Pharmac minutes mean new hope for Kiwis with ABC?

Pharmac's cancer treatments subcommittee has recommended CDK4/6 inhibitors (e.g. palbociclib / ribociclib) with a HIGH priority for funding.
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25 Jul 2019

Queenstown locals to learn from top breast cancer experts

Top breast cancer surgeons are heading to Queenstown to share their knowledge with local patients, health professionals and the public at a free event held by Breast Cancer Foundation NZ on August 9.
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22 Jul 2019

Why is New Zealand so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to publicly funded access to medicine?

We spend 55% less than the OECD average on medicine and rank last of 20 OECD countries for market access to modern medicines.
Pharmac prides itself on its negotiation skills and cost-effectiveness - but where is this leaving Kiwi cancer patients?
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04 Jul 2019

What about breast density?

Breast density is a bit of hot topic in breast cancer conversation. You may have recently heard that in the USA it’s now mandatory to notify women about their breast density when they receive their mammogram result. But, what does density have to do with your risk of breast cancer and how do you know if you have dense breasts in the first place?
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27 Jun 2019

Breast cancer chemo clinical trial now recruiting in five centres

​A clinical trial that’s now recruiting patients in Waikato, Tauranga, Rotorua, Palmerston North and Wellington will test the ability of a cheap, widely available drug to prevent two of chemotherapy’s most unpleasant side-effects.
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10 Jun 2019

Breast Cancer Foundation to fund scalp cooling for breast cancer patients

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ) has announced funding for up to 10 scalp cooling systems worth $500,000 in public hospitals around New Zealand.
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20 May 2019

A meeting with BCFNZ Clinical Research Coordinator Eibhlin Corrigan

BCFNZ funds Eibhlin's role of Clinical Research Coordinator, she will be working to increase the number of breast cancer patients on clinical trials.
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09 May 2019

Early access proposal welcomed, but tough questions need answers

​Breast Cancer Foundation chief executive Evangelia Henderson welcomed the news that Pharmac is working with the Ministry of Health to consider a scheme that would offer faster access to drugs for Kiwi cancer patients.
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29 Apr 2019

Breast Cancer and the Immune System

Our immune system is pretty good at protecting us from harm. So why does it struggle to recognise and tackle breast cancer?
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18 Apr 2019

“Come together with friends, family and workmates for a Pink Ribbon Breakfast!” Stacey encourages Kiwis to sign up for Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Registrations are now open for Pink Ribbon Breakfast. Breast Cancer Foundation NZ ambassador Stacey Morrison is encouraging Kiwis to host a get-together in May to raise funds for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.
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06 Mar 2019

Breast Cancer Foundation steps in to support Kiwis living with lymphoedema

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ has launched a new service focusing on early intervention for those at risk of lymphoedema following breast cancer surgery. The announcement marks World Lymphoedema Day, March 6th.
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