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Investing in the future: Breast Cancer Foundation National Register

All breast cancer patients, regardless of ethnicity or geographical location, should receive the same high standard of care. Sadly, at the moment, that isn’t always the case.

That’s why, with donors’ help, we are growing our investment in the Breast Cancer Foundation National Register. It’s a vital resource to help doctors and researchers improve diagnosis and treatment and reduce inequities in our health system.

Our National Register Manager, Sue Kleinsman, has been hard at work since starting in her role late last year. “So far, half of New Zealand’s 20 District Health Boards, representing around 67% of patients, are on board,” Sue says. “We aim to have every DHB signed up by December this year.

Northland DHB (based in Whangarei) and Tairawhiti DHB (based in Gisborne) recently joined the National Register, a comprehensive database that holds extensive detail on patients’ breast cancer treatment and follows them up for life.

Sue is excited about the register’s potential to change lives. “The breadth and depth of data means that doctors and researchers can have much better insight into what works and what is less successful,” says Sue. “The ultimate goal is better, equal treatment for all.”

Steve Hudson, a breast surgeon with Tairawhiti DHB, says, “Data is vital; without it we don’t know where we can improve on."