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Fay's Story

Fay, 75, from Whangarei, is living proof that older women can come through breast cancer treatment well and resume their busy lives. Fay has previously had both hips replaced and has also had breast cancer before. When she went in for surgery to remove a benign breast lump last November, the doctors discovered a new, small tumour.

Fay went ahead with a double mastectomy and, to everyone’s surprise, was driving a fortnight later – just as well, since she’s very involved in her church, and she’s also on the committee of the local branch of the Blind Foundation. She and her husband, who is visually impaired, have two adult sons. “I live a very active life, and breast cancer isn’t slowing me down,” she says.

Although her own cancer wasn’t found by mammogram, Fay is a firm believer in mammograms for women in their seventies.