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Breast Cancer Foundation garden a must-see

Breast Cancer Foundation garden a must-see

We were wowed by Norma de Langen’s wonderful Breast Cancer Foundation garden at this year’s NZ Flower & Garden Show!

Why not head along and see it for yourself? NZ Flower & Garden Show 29th November – 3rd December from 10am-6pm daily, Trusts Arena, Henderson, Auckland.

Norma de Langen, a landscape architect, garden designer and two-time breast cancer survivor, has drawn on her experiences to design a stunning Breast Cancer Foundation NZ garden at this year’s NZ Flower & Garden Show.

Norma had just finished chemotherapy for her second bout with breast cancer when she was invited to take on the garden design. With the journey fresh in her mind, she felt inspired to tackle the creative challenge.

The pink ribbon, the international symbol of awareness and support for women suffering from breast cancer, takes centre stage in the garden. Norma has reimagined it as a pathway, with the pink ribbon symbolising every breast cancer patient’s journey starting from the moment of diagnosis, through surgery and treatment before hopefully emerging on the ‘other side’ and returning to a life of normality.

The Pink Ribbon Walk begins at ground level on one side of the garden, rising to become a place to sit, rest and contemplate, before returning down and out the other side. A series of timber posts - the Support Circle representing family, friends and other supporters - intersects the path and swathes of flowering perennials, shrubs and grasses surround it.