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Keeping you safe and well over the summer holidays

Going travelling this summer?

Are you are planning on travelling either domestic or international this holiday season? If so, our BCFNZ nurses have some timely advice about travelling for people with a breast prosthesis.

Occasionally a breast prothesis can trigger airport security scanners which may result in further imaging or a pat down, and we know this can be a distressing experience.

A breast prosthesis will be seen on a ‘body scan’ as it is external to the body. These scanners are used at most international airports and some domestic terminals. When a prosthesis is noted, security staff may request to search you or ‘pat down’ the area. If this happens you have the right to ask for a female staff member to conduct this and to have the search take place in a screened off area. Your privacy should be respected.

It is safe to pack your prosthesis in your luggage, as they are not affected by altitude or pressure. They are also safe in your carry-on cabin luggage and don’t need to be placed in a zip lock bag, even if they are silicone or gel-filled.

If you are worried about passing through security, or you have had difficulties in the past, you may find it helpful to carry a letter from your GP/surgeon or other medical specialist confirming you wear a prosthesis.

We hope this information helps and that your travel experience is enjoyable.

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