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18 Oct 2019

Behind the scenes of clinical trials

In a guest blog, Lou Clement from Cancer Trials New Zealand shares what it's like to work on a clinical trial.
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07 Oct 2019

Everyone can be breast aware

With the news that Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, was treated for breast cancer earlier this year, it’s a timely reminder that men need to be breast aware too.
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15 Aug 2019

Exercise – an important piece of the breast cancer puzzle

Exercise can often be the last thing on your mind when you’re going through breast cancer. But an increasing number of studies show that physical activity can help reduce breast cancer recurrence or death among survivors.
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07 Aug 2019

Aarti’s story

I don’t have any risk factors - there is no family history, I don’t smoke, I maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle and breastfed both my babies. I was quite complacent in my thinking that I could get other cancers but that I would never get breast cancer - I didn’t fit the criteria at all.
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22 Jul 2019

Why is New Zealand so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to publicly funded access to medicine?

We spend 55% less than the OECD average on medicine and rank last of 20 OECD countries for market access to modern medicines.
Pharmac prides itself on its negotiation skills and cost-effectiveness - but where is this leaving Kiwi cancer patients?
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04 Jul 2019

What about breast density?

Breast density is a bit of hot topic in breast cancer conversation. You may have recently heard that in the USA it’s now mandatory to notify women about their breast density when they receive their mammogram result. But, what does density have to do with your risk of breast cancer and how do you know if you have dense breasts in the first place?
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05 Jun 2019

10 things I need to know about chemotherapy

What you need to know as you prepare for your chemotherapy.
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20 May 2019

A meeting with BCFNZ Clinical Research Coordinator Eibhlin Corrigan

BCFNZ funds Eibhlin's role of Clinical Research Coordinator, she will be working to increase the number of breast cancer patients on clinical trials.
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09 May 2019

The importance of ‘me-time’ after a breast cancer diagnosis

After a breast cancer diagnosis life can be a whirlwind of appointments, tests and treatments. During this time, it can be hard to find a moment to breathe and process, but, it's important that you do give yourself time to stop.
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29 Apr 2019

Breast Cancer and the Immune System

Our immune system is pretty good at protecting us from harm. So why does it struggle to recognise and tackle breast cancer?
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17 Apr 2019

What should I know about Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

Find out more about inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) and hear from Lucie Kodouskova, diagnosed with IBC at 33.
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15 Mar 2019

Trial & Error

What is it like to be on a breast cancer clinical trial? Michelle shares her story!
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