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What COVID-19 means for people with breast cancer


20 Apr 2020

Eating well during treatment

A healthy diet is important when you’re going through breast cancer treatment. We take a look at how to eat well while dealing with side effects.
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20 Apr 2020

Staying healthy at home

There are a lot of things we control at the moment, but you can still look after your physical and mental health while you're at home.
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09 Apr 2020

Easing anxiety in uncertain times

While we’re adjusting to a new way of living with COVID-19, here are some ways you and your loved ones can manage anxiety and fear during this time.
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11 Mar 2020

What's the deal with DCIS?

There can be some confusion surrounding DCIS. Here's what you should know...
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14 Feb 2020

Loving your body after breast cancer

When you're finding a 'new normal' after treatment, learning to appreciate how your body now looks and feels is part of the process
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22 Jan 2020

Coping with chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can bring a host of side effects. Here are some helpful tips to manage them.
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14 Jan 2020

Resolutions to lower your risk

We’ve come up with a few resolutions that will keep you healthy in 2020 – and lower your risk of developing breast cancer to boot.
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17 Dec 2019

What you can do after a diagnosis

A new cancer diagnosis can bring a rollercoaster of emotions. Here are a few pointers to help you navigate life after diagnosis.
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18 Oct 2019

Behind the scenes of clinical trials

In a guest blog, Lou Clement from Cancer Trials New Zealand shares what it's like to work on a clinical trial.
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07 Oct 2019

Everyone can be breast aware

With the news that Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, was treated for breast cancer earlier this year, it’s a timely reminder that men need to be breast aware too.
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15 Aug 2019

Exercise – an important piece of the breast cancer puzzle

Exercise can often be the last thing on your mind when you’re going through breast cancer. But an increasing number of studies show that physical activity can help reduce breast cancer recurrence or death among survivors.
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07 Aug 2019

Aarti’s story

I don’t have any risk factors - there is no family history, I don’t smoke, I maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle and breastfed both my babies. I was quite complacent in my thinking that I could get other cancers but that I would never get breast cancer - I didn’t fit the criteria at all.
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