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"I'm still here"

A new report offering insights into living and dying with advanced breast cancer in New Zealand

This year, about 300 New Zealanders will be told they have advanced breast cancer (ABC) – also called secondary, or Stage Four, or metastatic breast cancer. Breast cancer that has spread to another part of the body and is incurable.

Most of those 300 people – mainly women, but also a few men – will do everything in their power to stay alive, to stay with their families for as long as possible.

They’ll become part of the constantly changing population of Kiwis living with ABC. Their struggle will take place out of the spotlight that celebrates the “success stories” of early breast cancer survival. Many of them will end up feeling unseen, forgotten, isolated. They’ll feel that the health system has turned its back on them.

In September 2018, Breast Cancer Foundation published “I’m Still Here”, a report offering insight into what’s really happening in ABC care. The report combines the output of three studies commissioned by BCFNZ: a survey of medical professionals; a patient survey; and the first statistical analysis of data about advanced breast cancer treatment and survival from the Breast Cancer Foundation National Register.

We learned that New Zealanders with ABC die faster than people in other countries, that many of them get less treatment, and that the health system disadvantages them in many ways. This needs to change, right now.

We’ll be advocating to government for a better deal for Kiwis with ABC.

You will find our call to action in both the full report and executive summary.

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