Pink Caravan
Pink Caravan

Pink Caravan

Pop in for free breast health advice

Each year our breast health nurses travel around New Zealand in our iconic Pink Caravan, to talk about mammograms, offer advice about checking your breasts, healthy lifestyles and family risk. They visit our country’s smaller towns – places that don’t have access to the variety of health services the bigger cities do.

Our breast nurses would love to have a chat to you, so check out where the caravan is headed and when it comes to a town near you, pop in and say hi.

PLEASE NOTE: THE PINK CARAVAN WILL GO BACK ON THE ROAD FROM JUNE 3rd ONWARDS! See the locations we will visit in the map below :)

When is the caravan near me?

When is
the caravan
near me?
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  • Auckland region

    • 06 February 2020

      Orakei - Okahu Bay Beach

      Waitangi Day 2020 - inside Orakei Domain
  • Southland region

    • 24 February 2020

      Bluff - Four Square store car park

      54 Gore Street, Bluff
    • 25 February 2020

      Invercargill - City Council building car park

      101 Esk Street, Invercargill
    • 26 February 2020

      Invercargill - Clinic Awarua Whanau car park

      190 Forth Street, Invercargill
    • 27 February 2020

      Tokanui - Small prophet & co design house car park

      14 Mc Ewan st, Tokanui
    • 02 March 2020

      Mataura - Alliance Group plant car park

      Mcqueen Avenue, Mataura
    • 03 March 2020

      Gore - New World store car park

      2/8 Irk Street, Gore 9710
  • Christchurch & region

    • 23 June 2020

      Countdown store car park - Kaiapoi

      87-97 Hilton Street, Kaiapoi
    • 24 June 2020

      New World store car park - Rangiora

      10 Good Street, Rangiora
    • 25 June 2020

      New World store car park - Durham Street - Christchurch central

  • South Canterbury region

    • 03 June 2020

      The Warehouse store car park - Oamaru

      27 Eden Street, Oamaru
    • 04 June 2020

      The Warehouse store car park - Timaru

      Cnr Victoria and, Browne Street, Timaru
    • 05 June 2020

      Countdown store car park - Ashburton

      Cnr East & Peter Streets, Ashburton
  • Marlborough region

    • 30 June 2020

      Pak n Save store car park - Blenheim

      1 Westwood Avenue, Springlands, Blenheim
    • 01 July 2020

      Countdown Redwoodton store car park - Blenheim

      Cnr Weld St and, Alabama Road, Redwoodtown, Blenheim
    • 02 July 2020

      Fresh Choice store car park - Picton

      100 High Street, Picton
  • Otago region

    • 04 March 2020

      Balclutha - Clutha Health clinic car park

      7/11 Charlotte Street, Balclutha
    • 05 March 2020

      Mosgiel - New World car park

      10 Hartstonge Avenue, Mosgiel
    • 09 March 2020

      Dunedin central - Countdown store car park

      309 Cumberland Street, Dunedin
    • 10 March 2020

      Dunedin west - Te Kaika Forbury Health Centre carpark

      25 College Street, Caversham, Dunedin
    • 11 March 2020

      Dunedin central - University of Otago

      362 Leith Street, North Dunedin, Dunedin
    • 12 March 2020

      Dunedin south - Pak n Save store car park

      86 Hillside Road, South Dunedin

Early detection saves lives

Breast cancer is the number one cancer for NZ women

These days its much more treatable if found early. That's why the Pink Caravan breast nurses are hitting the road - to boost breast health awareness.

They'll answer any breast health questions, give advice on when to start mammograms and show you breast changes to look out for, so you can get any changes checked out.

Pop into the Pink Caravan for free advice and support. No appointment necessary.


​What is the Pink Caravan?
​Can I get a mammogram on the Pink Caravan?
​What can I expect from a Pink Caravan visit?
Does the Pink Caravan have any information I can take away with me to share with friends and whanau?
How can I invite the Pink Caravan to come to our office / community ?

Meet some of the wonderful people who make the Pink Caravan project a reality!


Volunteer tower, 2020 Pink Caravan South Island tour

Why did you get involved in towing the Pink Caravan?

I am a member of the New Zealand Motorhome Association. I saw that the Foundation was looking for volunteers to tow the caravan in my area. As I had planned to travel with my own caravan, I decided to offer my services. I had been thinking about what I might do to occupy my time and this seemed like a cool thing to do. It's a great cause and heading in the same direction as me. I loved the experience and enjoyed towing 'Pinkie' in the region! It is my pleasure to be able to assist.


Breast nurse, 2020 Pink Caravan South Island tour

Hello, I live in Auckland, I have a 21-year-old son, Ayden. I am an experienced nurse working in the hospital setting and in the community with cancer patients. I work across all cancer stages, from new diagnoses to end of life, I see the raw end of cancer...

I totally agree with the saying ‘prevention is the best cure’; education and knowledge is key! If I can help prevent at least one beautiful woman having to go through the heartbreak of hearing ‘you have advanced breast cancer’ then I’m in!

The Pink Caravan is the best platform to spread the word about prevention, but more importantly to educate New Zealand wahine about their breasts and learning how to get to know them, so if any changes occur it can be actioned and hopefully decrease the amount of emotional pain I see on a daily basis from that big ‘C’ word!

During my free time I enjoy regular walks, workouts, and being on my SUP board as well as puppy walks! Plus, pink is my favourite colour - I even have a hot pink velvet chaise seat in my lounge!


Volunteer tower, 2019 Pink Caravan Auckland tour

I am a member of our local four-wheel drive club in Auckland. I responded to a request made for volunteers to help tow Pinkie to and from shopping centres where she was to be set up for each particular day.

At the time, I was personally facing a life-changing challenge; I had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had been given 12 months to live. I was diagnosed with mesothelioma for which there is no cure. Despite wishing to spend all the remaining time that I had left with my loved ones and to, hopefully, fulfill my bucket list, I volunteered to help out with Pinkie, subject, of course, to my health at the time.

However small my part may be in the education, prevention, research and treatment of cancer by helping to move Pinkie around, I was happy to help out so that, if not my generation, then the next one or the one after that, will no longer have to suffer the effects of cancer.

To all cancer patients, their families and friends, I wish you all the very best that life offers you, now and in the future.

Pink Caravan supporters

Heartfelt thanks to our supporters for making the Pink Caravan tour possible