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Past Webinar

Coping with Christmas

Feeling worried already about Christmas and the added pressures the festive season can bring?

Christmas can be a tough time if you currently have breast cancer, have recently been diagnosed, or if you’ve come through the other side. So, for this webinar, our panel of experts will equip you with the tools to have a smooth ride this year – from coping with difficult family members to organising your Christmas day and techniques for dealing with the unexpected emotions the season may bring up. Sign up and tune in for FREE on December 6th!

Meet your panel:

  • Allison Mooney is an award-winning speaker who describes herself as a ‘people interpreter.’ Allison will help you to cope with those tricky family members or challenging friends who might be making your life harder this Christmas.
  • Jane Tuson is an experienced psychotherapist who will be speaking about how to deal with the added pressure of Christmas when you are feeling vulnerable, including how to normalise expectations and emotions.
  • Natasha Holland will also be joining the panel, giving us a patient’s perspective on how to cope.

To access the resources mentioned by Jane during the webinar please click on the links below:

Automatic Negative Thoughts.pdf

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction.pdf

Breathing for BCA.pdf

Five Senses Mindfulness Exercise.pdf

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