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Past Webinar

Dealing with DCIS

This webinar looks at what to expect when you have DCIS, from treatment options and follow-up to your risk of developing invasive breast cancer.

DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) is the earliest form of breast cancer. This means that while cancer cells have formed inside the duct, they haven't mutated enough to spread outside the ducts into the tissue.

Meet your panel:

Lorna Subritzky was diagnosed in 2015 with high-grade DCIS. She shares her story of treatment and recovery.

Richard Harman is a surgeon at North Shore Hospital specialising in breast cancer surgery. He gives insight into treating DCIS and on-going surveillance.

Melissa Warren is a breast care nurse at Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. She shares what you can do after a DCIS diagnosis and preparing for treatment and recovery.

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