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Past Webinar

Fear of recurrence

Living life to the fullest can feel hard when you can't shake the underlying fear that your breast cancer may return.

This session will give you a chance to hear a more in-depth discussion about putting recurrence in perspective: the actual risks and signs, how to cope with uncertainty and seeking emotional support.

Meet your panel:

Carly Robinson was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer after finding a lump in her breast at the age of 40. Carly will share her story with you and will discuss how she gets the most out of each day, despite the fear the breast cancer will return.

Dr Mike McCrystal is a specialist oncologist specialising in breast and melanoma/skin cancers. He graduated from the University of Auckland School of Medicine in 1987 and then completed an MD in cancer drug development in 2000. Mike has worked predominantly in New Zealand where he has an interest in the genetics of melanoma and breast cancers and has worked at the Auckland Hospital Department of Clinical Oncology since 1999.

Dr Geraldine Tennant is a Health Psychologist who specialises in breast cancer. She has extensive experience in counselling women through emotional and physical health challenges following diagnosis, during treatment and adjustment post-treatment. Geraldine works as the breast clinic psychologist at Auckland City Hospital and in private practice.

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