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Past Webinar

Hair today, gone tomorrow

This webinar looks at all things hair, from preparing for hair loss to caring for your hair during and after treatment, and scalp cooling to prevent hair loss.

Losing your hair - on your head and your body - can be one of the most distressing side effects of breast cancer treatment. We look at ways you can prepare for the physical and emotional impact of hair loss and how to care for your hair during treatment and while it's growing back. We'll also take a look at the wig and headwear options that are available and scalp cooling to prevent hair loss during treatment.

Kathryn Terry is a breast nurse at Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. She gives advice on how you can prepare for hair loss, scalp cooling and how to care for your hair during and after treatment.

Suzanne Wolton, the owner of Jessica's Wig & Beauty Salon, shares insights into wig and headwear options.

Natasha Holland was diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer at 41. She shares her experience of losing her hair during treatment and growing it back.

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