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Past Webinar

Hormone receptor-positive (ER+/PR+) breast cancer

Our latest webinar looking at hormone receptor-positive breast cancer (ER+/PR+). Including what it is, and how we can treat it.

Hormone receptor-positive breast cancer

About 80 percent of all breast cancers in New Zealand are hormone receptor-positive.

Hormone receptors are proteins found on breast cells.

They pick up the estrogen or progesterone signals that promote cell growth; including cancer cell growth if they contain the receptors for these hormones. Breast cancer cells with receptors for either hormone are considered hormone receptor-positive (HR+).

Breast tumours may be positive for estrogen receptors (ER+), progesterone receptors (PR+) or both (ER/PR+). 

Our expert panel share their experiences with HR+ breast cancer from a patient and clinical perspective.

Meet the panel

Dr David Porter. Dr Porter is a medical oncologist specialising in breast cancer. He works at Auckland City Hospital.

Caro McCourtie. Caro was diagnosed with ER+/PR+ breast cancer in 2022 at the age of 56. She went through over a year of treatment. Now she works as an executive coach, writer and speaker. 

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