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Breast density

This webinar discusses what breast density is, why it is important and how it is measured.

Breast density

Between 40 and 50% of women have a breast density level that might affect their mammogram or breast cancer risk.

Why some people have more dense breast tissue than others is unclear, but our webinar answers your questions about what breast density is and why it is important.

Our expert panel also covers how density is measured, how it might affect a diagnosis of breast cancer and what the latest research says.

Meet our panel

Dr Sugania Reddy is an Auckland radiologist in both public and private practice. She will give an overview of what breast density is, why it is important and how it is measured in private practice in New Zealand.

Auckland dentist Ziggy Chan was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2020 at the age of 44. After having a mammogram and ultrasound she found out she had dense breasts and has been wanting to push for increased awareness of this and the impact it can have on a diagnosis of breast cancer ever since.