Breast cancer

Clinical Trials

Supportive care trials focus on improving the quality of life for people with breast cancer, including: post-surgery rehabilitation, management of treatment side-effects, palliative care, integrative care (emotional and social needs, complementary therapies).

Clinical Trials in this section are currently recruiting (open to new patients) or pending for patients at varying stages of their breast cancer treatment. Unlike drug trials, many of these trials will be available to a wide range of breast cancer patients.

New Zealand trials

These trials are available in selected New Zealand hospitals – if you think you might be a candidate for a particular trial, use the contact details supplied, or talk to your doctor.

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We’ve made every effort to ensure this information is accurate, but you’ll need to talk to your doctor or contact the trial coordinator to find out more about whether a trial is for you. Are we out of date? If you have updated or new information about a trial, we’d be grateful if you’d share it with us – email your update to

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