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BCFNZ provides education and awareness about the importance of early detection with a goal to reduce the number of women dying of breast cancer.

The following books are a selection of practical guides to navigating breast cancer care and personal accounts. Included are books specifically addressing the issues that younger women with breast cancer often face.

  • Dear Boobs

    By Emily Searle

    "One hundred letters to breasts from women affected by breast cancer"

    The Dear Boobs book is a collection of intimate, courageous, and often hilarious letters from women of all walks of life who have undergone surgery due to breast cancer or BRCA. It bring the conversations together to share boob wisdom, inspire healing and celebrate the incredible breast cancer community.

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  • Male Breast Cancer: Taking Control

    by Professor John Boyages, MD, PHD

    All you need to know to “take control” after a diagnosis of male breast cancer.

    Male breast cancer is not common and often underdiagnosed and undertreated. Using the familiar image of a garden and a personal, plain English style, renowned breast cancer specialist Professor John Boyages, MD, PhD, walks you slowly through the stress and confusion of diagnosis, treatment, and life after male breast cancer.

  • Welcome to the Amazon Club

    A remarkable journal of hope, bravery and strength

    NZ Author: Jane Bissell.

    This is the account of a year in the author's life from her diagnosis with breast cancer to shortly after her first 'all-clear'. It's a human look at the nitty-gritty of treatment and its aftermath by someone curious, insightful and intelligent.

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  • You Can Get Through This!

    NZ Author: Domini Stuart.

    “Domini Stuart has written a frank but balanced account of living with breast cancer. This easy-to-read book is filled with practical advice which will help women with breast cancer learn how to cope with the emotional trauma of diagnosis and the rigors of treatment and yet feel positive about their lives.” Dr Ron Kay, Breast Surgeon, Medical Advisory Committee.

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  • Books

    She's Got Breast Cancer

    A Book for Men

    By Peter Calder.

    A book for and about men whose partners have had breast cancer.

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  • Baring it All

    NZ Author: Andrea Fairbairn.

    In her follow-up book, Andrea, who's had breast cancer twice, shares 33 tips to living life after breast cancer. From managing your health in recovery to celebrating your life, the book's goal is to help you rebuild your life in a positive way.

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  • Nordie's at Noon

    The Personal Stories of Four Women "Too Young" for Breast Cancer

    By Patti Balwanz (USA).

    Like any group of young women, Patti, Kim, Jennifer, and Jana talked about their latest career moves, the men in their lives, and their dreams for family each month when they met for lunch at the café at their local Nordstrom department store. But unlike other women their age, their conversations also turned to more serious issues, issues their “non-breast cancer” friends couldn’t have imagined or understood.

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  • Breast Cancer from a Young Woman's Perspective

    The View of A Survivor

    By Contessa Jasper.

    This is true insight inside the day and life a woman just in her very early 30's and a traumatic cancer diagnosis. It brings fourth true feelings, raw emotions and a heart deal of gratitude. It’s about Contessa’s journey, the ends and outs of doctor visits, pains and obstacles.

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  • Just a Lump In the Road ...

    Reflections of Young Breast Cancer Survivors

    By Debbie Leifert.

    Today, approximately one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer-and many will be under the age of fifty. There are currently more than 250,000 breast cancer survivors in the United States who are just forty-five years old or younger.

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  • I Am Not My Hair

    A Young Woman's Journey and Triumph Over Breast Cancer

    By Tyesha K. Love.

    On December 10, 2007, just three months shy of her thirtieth birthday, Tyesha Love received a phone call that would change her life forever. As a single parent, full-time student, and full-time employee, Tyesha, a self-confessed control freak, already had her entire year planned out when she received her diagnosis. This is Tyesha's testimony, hoping to inspire others to persevere and prevail.

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  • In the Pink

    A Guide to Breasts, Cancer and Living Well

    By Lani Lopez & Jenna Moore.

    In the Pink explains breast cancer in an embracing and easy-to-understand manner. From diagnosis options to treatments, what to tell your children, how to cope with guilt, laughter, sex, it also encompasses a holistic approach for dealing with breast cancer with emphasis on empowerment through knowledge and combing traditional treatment with complementary alternative medicine.

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  • Dr Susan Love’s Breast Book

    By Dr. Susan Love, MD with Karen Lindsey.

    Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book has long been the bible for the newly diagnosed. It also becomes a guide for those at risk of getting breast cancer, survivors interested in the consequences of their treatment, and anyone who wants to understand the new research about how the local environment influences the manifestations and treatments of many different kinds of breast cancer. If facing a diagnosis, decision about treatment or concerns about prevention, this book the information needed.

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  • The Breast Cancer Book

    By Val Sampson and Debbie Fenlon.

    The Breast Cancer Book is the book Val Sampson looked for in vain when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. It is an essential guide to dealing with diagnosis, treatment and life after breast cancer.

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  • The Breast Cancer Survival Manual

    By John Link, MD.

    A step by step guide to for women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. Provides information and advice on breast cancer and its treatment, from pathology reports and second opinions to surgery and risk factors. It is information-packed guide that is newly revised to contain all of the latest findings to help the woman facing treatment feel informed and empowered.

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  • Take Charge of Your Breast Cancer

    By John Link, MD.

    From a leading specialist, an empowering new book that gives breast cancer patients the confidence and knowledge to seek the treatment that is right for them. According to Dr. John Link, most women diagnosed with breast cancer today are not getting the proper treatment for their disease.

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  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer

    By Marisa C Weiss, MD and Ellen Weiss.

    You've been through diagnosis and treatment; now you're ready to move from "I have breast cancer" back to "I am leading a normal life." Living Beyond Breast Cancer will help you understand and manage the tough issues you face as you go on beyond treatment, and well into the future.

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