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Gallery - 'Get creative with the venue'

Get creative with the venue

Visit Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Find out how a group in Southland transformed a cow shed into a Pink Ribbon Breakfast

That’s how one group in Southland ended up enjoying their event in a cowshed. VetSouth staff decided to hold a pink ribbon breakfast but found that everyone was busy with end-of-milking-season work. So veterinarian Georgette Wouda decided to take breakfast to a cowshed in Winton.

About 30 vets, technicians and support staff turned up to enjoy the breakfast of pink porridge, pink iced buns and berry smoothies. One of the vets, Andrew Roe, said, “I think this is brilliant. It’s great to be able to help, and to do it in such a fun way.”

Georgette’s Top Tip:
If your workmates are too busy to meet at the office, think outside the square and get creative with the venue!
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