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Cam's Story

Hey I am Cam,

It has been a lifelong dream to become host a radio show and be a TV presenter. This year I ticked off that goal. I host the Snapchart on ZM and have recently started presenting the entertainment news on Breakfast three times a week. While this is still just the beginning of my journey I never would have made it even this far without the help from a very special teacher. While she was employed by my school to teach me English she taught me so much more. At the time I didn't realise how much she would influence the rest of my life. There's not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for the lessons she taught me and the extra time she put into helping me pass NCEA.

English was never a strong point for me but failing wasn't an option. If I wanted to go to broadcasting school I needed to pass English. Whether it be marking the hundreds of extra essays or just giving me tips to get my essays up to standard the extra help was always delivered with a smile and a strong serving of belief. It wasn't a secret that this very special lady had her own battle going on. Right through my years at high school she had been fighting breast cancer. Her motivation was inspiring. Her determination was amazing to witness. To this day I have no idea how she remained so positive and continued to influence so many peoples lives. I know I am just one of many people who had the privilege to be in her class. Anyone who crossed paths with her was blessed by an amazing energy, a cheeky smile and the biggest heart I have ever witnessed.

I would do anything to be able to thank her for all of the extra work she did for me. For all the hours she put into reading the extra essays I wrote. To the hours after class she stayed behind to help me perfect my essay writing skills. While that isn't a possibility I know the Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand were a support system for her in her time of need so I would like to give back to this incredible organisation so they can take care of more wonderful kiwi women.

Cam Mansel
ZM Radio & TV Presenter

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