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Upcoming and past interactive webinars on topics of interest to breast cancer patients, survivors and their families.

Each panellist addresses the given topic and then the floor is opened up for a Q&A session. Participants can beam in from the comfort of their own home to the presentations and can ask questions.

Upcoming Webinars

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Past Webinars

06 June 2024

Hormone receptor-positive (ER+/PR+) breast cancer

Our latest webinar looking at hormone receptor-positive breast cancer (ER+/PR+). Including what it is, and how we can treat it.
29 February 2024

Triple negative breast cancer

Our first webinar of 2024 looks at triple negative breast cancer - what is it, and how is it treated?
13 November 2023

Life on Ibrance Long-term

This webinar is about long-term treatment with Ibrance and what that looks like for advanced breast cancer patients
19 October 2023

Older women and breast cancer

This webinar looks at breast cancer in women aged 70 and above, including what their different options are when it comes to surgery and treatment
31 August 2023

Breast density

This webinar discusses what breast density is, why it is important and how it is measured.
20 July 2023

HER2+ breast cancer

This webinar discusses what a diagnosis of HER2+ breast cancer means, how treatment has changed and what the different options are.
30 May 2023

Breast cancer and bone health

This webinar covers taking care of your bones while going through treatment for early and advanced breast cancer, which is very important to reduce your risk of osteoporosis and fractures
08 March 2023

Long-term effects of treatment

This webinar looks at the long-term and late side effects of breast cancer treatment, with our expert panel discussing practical strategies to manage them
01 November 2022

Male breast cancer

This webinar looks at male breast cancer, with our expert panel giving an overview of how it is detected, diagnosed and treated
08 September 2022

How to Eat

This webinar looks at all things food, with our expert panel aiming to provide clear advice on eating well with breast cancer, how to manage side effects like nausea that come with treatment, as well as busting some common diet myths along the way
31 August 2022

"Can I keep my breast?"

We discuss the breast-conserving surgical techniques that studies show offer the highest survival rates, while allowing women to keep their breast following a diagnosis of breast cancer.
29 March 2022

How well is NZ tackling breast cancer?

We present a snapshot of the latest data showing how well we’re doing in tackling breast cancer here in Aotearoa New Zealand and how we might enable further improvements
27 July 2021

Life on Ibrance

This webinar looks what you need to know when being treated with Ibrance, from scheduling appointments, negotiating dosages and managing side effects.
01 June 2021

Your breast cancer surgery

This webinar looks at preparing for surgery, the types of surgery you may be recommended and how to manage the post-operative period.
31 March 2021

Wāhine Māori and breast cancer

This webinar looks at what to expect after a breast cancer diagnosis and how to make the journey easier for you and your whānau.
25 March 2021

Pacific women and breast cancer

Our panel discusses what to expect after being diagnosed with breast cancer, how Pacific women can get the best out of their healthcare and what support is available.
15 December 2020

Research round-up

Our expert panel discusses the latest research from this year, from shorter radiation therapy to the benefits of exercise.
22 October 2020

Complementing cancer treatment

This webinar investigates the complementary therapies recommended for breast cancer treatment and how to choose an evidence-based practice.
05 August 2020

Decision-making in ABC

This webinar looks at decision making when you have advanced breast cancer (ABC), and how you can come to a decision that's best for you and your family.
09 June 2020

Hair today, gone tomorrow

This webinar looks at all things hair, from preparing for hair loss to caring for your hair during and after treatment, and scalp cooling to prevent hair loss.
30 March 2020

COVID-19 and breast cancer

We answered questions from our community on COVID-19, from how breast cancer treatment may affect your risk to what to do if you find a lump.
26 February 2020

Dealing with DCIS

This webinar looks at what to expect when you have DCIS, from treatment options and follow-up to your risk of developing invasive breast cancer.
10 December 2019

Managing chemo and radiation side effects

We discuss helpful tips to manage the side effects of cancer treatment, to help boost your quality of life during this time.
29 October 2019

Newly diagnosed? What you need to know

There's a lot to figure out after a diagnosis of breast cancer. We discuss what you can expect on your breast cancer journey.
30 July 2019

A tale of two reconstructions

We speak to twin sisters Vivian and Erica who have two very different stories to tell about their breast reconstruction surgery.
06 May 2019

Learning to love Tamoxifen and AIs

Our most popular webinar ever is back!
09 April 2019

Life with Lymphoedema

Living with lymphoedema can be difficult and it’s important to know how to manage your symptoms.
14 February 2019

Vitamin C in cancer

We talk about the role vitamin C plays in our body and how this changes with cancer.
06 December 2018

Coping with Christmas

Feeling worried already about Christmas and the added pressures the festive season can bring?
18 October 2018

What do I need to know about mammograms?

With October being breast cancer awareness month we are encouraging Kiwis to go and get a mammogram.
21 August 2018

Genetic Risk of Breast Cancer

Does breast cancer run in your family, or do you want to find out more about genetic risk?
11 July 2018

Breast Cancer Surgery Preparation and Recovery

This webinar focuses on breast cancer surgery and recovery.
22 May 2018

Young Women and Breast Cancer

Are you under 40 and dealing with breast cancer?
19 May 2018

Palbociclib (Ibrance) for metastatic ER+ breast cancer - NZ update

Palbociclib (brand name Ibrance) is a new medicine for advanced ER+ breast cancer.
10 April 2018

Fatigue after (and during) breast cancer

Feeling tired is a common side effect of breast cancer treatment.
20 February 2018

Living Life after Breast Cancer

Moving forward after breast cancer can be difficult and you may have trouble readjusting.
06 December 2017

Fear of recurrence

Living life to the fullest can feel hard when you can't shake the underlying fear that your breast cancer may return.
31 October 2017

Sex after breast cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis can impact sexual health, relationships and body image.
01 August 2017

Latest Breast Cancer Research

Research is one of the keys to better breast cancer treatments and survival.
20 June 2017

Fertility after breast cancer

Breast cancer treatments can affect your fertility, which can be devastating if you haven't completed your family.
01 March 2017

Living a normal(ish) life with Advanced Breast Cancer

An advanced breast cancer diagnosis can be a life-changing event.

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