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Wendy's Story

Wendy finished the 'Next Steps' rehabilitation programme run by PINC & Steel and funded by Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and its generous supporters.

I am so grateful to be on the receiving end of such a gift. I enjoyed these 10 sessions so much, for many different reasons.

Renee Wood, our ‘tutor’, was wonderful! I knew this before I started the course as I’d seen her previously for my PINC Rehab sessions.

We eight participants bonded very quickly as we shared experiences: hair growth (those of us who lost our hair); treatments; medications; side effects; how we were feeling; what had happened over the past week. We had many laughs together also!

The sessions were made fun by Renee, but she worked us hard, in the nicest possible way!

We all worked to our own level and were happy for each other when we were able to do something we previously had been unable to do.

Some of the different components of each session were a real challenge for me but the ‘handouts’ at the end of each session were (and still are) very helpful and allowed me to work on these harder areas at home.

Each session was like an ‘injection of enthusiasm’ for me. At the end of our last session, we all said we would like to keep in contact - we’re meeting for lunch in a few weeks.

I would recommend ‘Next Steps’ to anyone who is fortunate enough to be offered this opportunity.

A huge ‘thank you’ to Renee and to all those who have made this service available at no charge.

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